Oakham Level Crossing

Level Crossing Services

Level crossing improvements and upgrades in Oakham case study
Client: Network Rail
Project: Oakham Level Crossing
Details: Level Crossing Replacement

As an approved installer of Strail, Premier Rail were tasked with removing the old Oakham level crossing and replacing it with a brand new Strail crossing. The new crossing means a smoother ride for vehicles and provided less of an eyesore for the picturesque village.

The project involved replacing four sleepers on the Oakham level crossing.
The team at Premier Rail white lined the Strail units whilst specialist road surfacing contractor, Cowmans, completed the tarmac and white lining works.

Over the years, Premier Rail has worked closely with Strail, making us the preferred crossing installer of Strail products on many large projects including Premium Strail, INNOStrail, Ponti-Strail, Pedi-Strail and Velo Strail.