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Project: School Vegetable Garden
Details: Vegetable Garden for Selby Park Academy

In October 2021 we started to have discussions regarding certain ways in which we can give back to our local community. We had lots of great ideas but one that we all especially loved was the ‘School Vegetable Garden Project’. It only seemed right that we would contact the local School, Selby Park Academy. Not only because it’s a stone’s throw away from our yard in Bircotes, but also because our Office Manager, Annie, went to school there. Annie thought this would be a great opportunity to go back to her roots and give back to her old school.

When we first made contact with Serlby Park, they were thrilled that we had reached out and couldn’t wait to work with us. We had a meeting with them and discussed the potential and how we could make the project as exciting and engaging as possible for the children.

We later had a meeting with the primary school council, who had lots of amazing ideas! They really wanted to capture the history of Harworth and Bircotes within the designs on the fronts of the planters. They had a vast amount of knowledge around the history and local landmarks of the town.

As a collective we decided on 4 planters, one for each KS2 year group. We designed the planters with the helpful expertise of WigWag, and the printing services of Beacon Signs.

We had a date planned in for the Project in February but the adverse weather had different ideas... along came not 1 not 2 but 3 storms! The project was regretfully pushed back but we managed to get them in and complete by the beginning of March. Special thanks to Joe Harris and Shaun Hotham for the hard work and dedication to get planters finished to a high standard.

The children were so excited to see their ideas come to life, and it’s been a pleasure to make that happen for them. We hope that the new vegetable garden will bring lots of joy, happiness and a learning experience for many years to come.